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by Chitra

Hello, I am Chitra living on the Swiss country side for about 20 years.

How I came to live in Switzerland? I am married to a wonderful and very supportive Swiss since 24 years. After two years into our marriage and living in India we decided to move to his home land.

I am an independent researcher, health freak and a passionate home maker.

After quitting my job at a Swiss Bank in 2004, I worked part time at our home office. When our long wished for baby was on the way in 2009 we closed our side business. Since then I have devoted my time to raising her and developing other skills.

All my life I have been a passionate about many things like music (hold a music diploma in carnatic vocal), cooking, baking (self taught cook), hand embroidery, travelling and organising. Especially organising even as a toddler. I find myself out of balance when my living space is cluttered and untidy.

I am a born vegetarian and luckily my husband is also a vegetarian for the past 35 years.

Cooking and my passion for food from scratch

Fiber benefits in your breads from grinding your own flour

Cooking and my passion for making food from scratch was something I learnt early on  from my mother. Baking was something I learnt after marriage.

I bake our breads, cakes, pizzas all from scratch right from milling whole grains.

Now with a thriving garden we have to learn to preserve the produce throughout the winter to last till Spring.

You can see some of the foods I cook from scratch in this link.

In this blog, I will share with you my insights to Swiss country living. (Well not typical Swiss as we have a very international cuisine at our table.)

I never quit learning and studying, so continued learning a lot about natural treatment for common ailments, I research for natural remedies and have collected a lot of hand me down ayurvedic remedies from my mother, aunts and grandmother. I practice yoga regularly and try to meditate regularly.

I can speak about 7 languages fluently, but consider English to be my first language.

At home we speak English, German and Swiss-German.

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